Sharing from “Celebration of Abundance” service on April 3, 2016

I am grateful for……

The opportunity to grow and expand my life as a member of this community. The joy that I feel each day is a direct result of this association—it’s members, friends, and efforts to do good.

The glimmers of wisdom and compassion that I see in my grandchildren. The joy I feel when I take time to watch the bees.


Sunshine & it’s warmth; a bird’s 3-peep, 4 whistle call this morning; reflections on and encouragement to live into gratitude; learning about “skilled” and “unskilled” ways of living; a family meetings workshop; mama’s piano music; stories & words, friendship; chives that winter over to flavor our soup; funny people who make me laugh, kids and kid’s kids; being at Incahoots with one I love.


Spring squalls of thunderous rain followed by blue skies and bright sunshine. The people in my life, the difficult and the easy.


The farmers who grow the abundant fruits and vegetables that delight my tongue. The wonderful artists who create colorful views of our wondrous world.


Friends, how they enrich my life, all in different ways. This beautiful day after winter with more than twice the rainfall. Looking out at the park, sunshine, trees, children playing, dogs walking with their owners, tails wagging joyfully, a skateboarder zips through the park—all celebrating the day.


My partner’s love and respect, the health of my children, expanding horizons.




Awareness; health; family; well-being; the natural world; possibility; food; friends; community; joy; the present moment; touch; sight; hearing; smell; taste; my cats; love; compassion; laughter; wonder; courage; music.


UUFM; my health; my family; my friends; sunshine; my garden; my puppy; joy; springtime; flowers; trees; rain; McMinnville; the beach; Oregon; sky; wind; fresh air; open spaces; my creativity; people who are different than me.


Sunshine; improving health; old and new friends; farmers; books; ice cream; the ocean; travel opportunities; memories; red geraniums.


To be able to get up and take nourishment.


Being able to play music and enjoy the music of others.

My wonderful loving family.


The strength of hope and optimism, the kindness of strangers, sunshine on a spring day.




The friendships that sustain me, the knowing my place as best I can, in the universe.


A sunny day, for laughing children and for the joy of community.


Family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and the big extended family of our community. Our animal companions that teach our children empathy, gentleness, kindness and responsibility.


The sun and blue skies; a house that keeps me warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot; a wonderful family; great friends; new business opportunities; good health; nutritious food; a wonderful warm UUFM community; blossoms in the trees; music.


Saturdays-a rare day of choice, no alarm clocks, scrambling to get ready for something, no meetings, no deadlines, no responsibilities, unless you choose some.


All there is to learn. Those red suede ankle-strap wedgies. Mamie-Louie. Getting old together. Friends. Old guys and old ladies like me. This day.


  1. Morning coffee.
  2. Freedom to create something and watch it grow.
  3. A husband with the heart to create stories about a loving hen.


Good health. A sunny day. The love and support of family & friends.


My wonderful husband. Our loving son. Good health. My late sister’s children and theirs. A little intelligence. Sense of humor. Friends. UUFM. Overcoming.


The abundance of love in my life. A person relationship with spirit that has always made me feel loved and cared for, even in my darkest hours.


The blessing of good health; family & friends; all music, especially classical; all plants; especially flowers; the ability to appreciate so many different things; the curiosity about so much in life; the ability to recognize good in the world; hope.