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Mary Gear 20160516

Did you attend Sunday School when you were a kid? I did–Lutheran Sunday School, while my parents were in church. What I remember most is happy stories about Jesus, and playing with lots of kids!

Like many Unitarian Universalists , I came to our denomination from … read more.

Mary Gear 20160703

Imagine 4000 or more Unitarian Universalists gathered together to worship, sing, discuss, learn and conduct the business of our denomination. That is our annual General Assembly. This year we gathered in Columbus, Ohio, complete with humidity and a genuine mid-west thunderstorm.

UUFM was well represented by … read more.

The Story of Flower Communion

Reverend Norbert Capek knew people needed the blessings of community.  He lived in Prague, Czecholslovakia and was the minister of a small Unitarian congregation.  They met in a plain building.  They had no music, beautiful windows or coffee after the service.  They came, heard the … read more.