Our Covenant

From our desire to nurture our beloved community and to be accountable to each other and to something greater,
We Covenant:

  • To Listen to every voice for good intent and the possibility each one of us has to offer
  • To Honor the diversity of our beliefs and all the ways we are different
  • To Share generously our gifts and strengths
  • To engage with each other in a joyful spirit of respect, equality, trust and cooperation
  • To Accept responsibility for our words and actions and when we fall short, to begin again in love and trust

Approved Fall 2012


Our Vision

We are joyous, open-hearted, spiritual explorers courageously loving all life.  Led by the collective wisdom of our fellowship, we are building an inviting and compassionate home filled with music, laughter and wonder.

Approved Fall 2014


For more information, contact admin@macuuf.org

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